All-star team of VC´s invest in disruptive technology for the global residential construction industry

A consortium led by Idekapital, with Aidiom, Investinor, Skagerak Maturo and Oxer Kapital as co-investors, invests $3 million in the Norwegian construction technology company Fonn. Fonn have set out to reinvent project management for construction globally. We are humble and proud to have come to agreement with such a star

Fonn Stories - Roche Constructors: “Our new motto,‘Fonn is Fun’!”

Our overall experience with Fonn has been very positive. Fonn has proven to be experts in their field. Whenever we express concern they always have a solution. Our clients have been pleased with project documentation. They always have the most current information in an easy to read format.

Choosing the right solution

So you are in construction, and you have decided to give tech a go. Welcome to the minority - but you are my hero ;-)

Get the job done.

User-friendly management software for construction teams

Predictive analytics of construction projects

Construction projects requires diverse teams to plan, design, construct and uphold the project. It is commonly agreed that for a construction project to be successful it has to be completed on time within budget and according to the specification.

Maintain full control.

Find out if Fonn Construction is a good fit for you

Construction Technology: The Reason Psychology Is Holding You Back

There is a psychological way of thinking, that can negatively impact company growth, that every company will experience. This way of thinking has caused some of the largest corporate failures, and is the same state that prevents small businesses from becoming industry leaders. Written by Nate Clark,

CASE STUDY: Flamingo Investment Group

Using an industry focused digital platform to help pull all of our team together, improving the project efficiency, and making the communication process a lot easier and more streamlined, Nikhil Patel, Founder and Managing Director Flamingo Investment Group.